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With our uncompromising service and dependability, you wont be stranded for long with Eastgate Towing. We know times get tough and unfortunate things happen. We're here to help with 24/7 towing service in the Sioux Falls area.

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Law Enforcement & Custom Towing

We handle light to medium towing and recovery services but also offer motorcycle towing. If you're motorcycle needs a local or long distance tow, it will be securely strapped to an enclosed trailer. Free from rock chips and weather.

Traffic Accident Response

Were you in an accident and don't know what to do? Tell the officer you request Eastgate to handle your vehicle. We will tow it to a place of your choice. We can also store it in our locked impound lot until a decision is made.

Jump Starts & Tire Changes

Are you stranded with a dead battery? Forgot the headlights were on? Whatever the situation, we got you covered. Give us a call and we'll give you a jump. We also offer tire changes and many other small services.

Underwater Recovery

No job is too tough for Eastgate Towing

Francis was certified in October 2004, by Bill Donavan, a Scuba School International Instructor Trainer, at Donovan's Hobby and Scuba Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Francis has logged well over 425 dives and is certified in open water, dry suit diving, nitrox gas, stress and rescue, closed water ice diving, fast water training, and will soon have his Dive Control Specialist Certification. For a number of years, Francis has been an active member of the Emergency Management Dive Team, formerly known as the Minnehaha County Civil Defense. Francis was interviewed and accepted to the dive team on October 11, 2007. Each year, Francis is involved in setting up rescue training scenario's for the Emergency Management Dive Team and the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. These drills are held as a joint training session for the Emergency Management System Teams in Minnehaha County, so each team can utilize their resources to the best of their ability in an emergency situation.

About Eastgate

Est. 1961

Eastgate Towing is a professional towing provider in Sioux Falls, SD that provides 24/7 emergency service along with great response time. We have TRAA Nationally Certified ow truck operators on staff. Eastgate Towing has served the Sioux Falls, SD area for more than 40 years. Roy and Lea McElroy owned and operated Eastgate for over 25 years before their retirement in 1999.
Both Roy and Lea made a huge impact on the towing industry both locally and nationally in their towing career. They started the towing business with one tow truck. Their business grew to where they had both light and heavy duty wreckers by the late 70's. The truck that they cherished the most was a 1973 Mack with a Nomar. Lea drove that truck out to scenes and break downs in her pajamas. If it needed to be done, she did it; no matter what. The Eastgate family lost Lea to cancer in 2004. If you look at Eastgate's roots, they have both Roy and Lea's name all over them!
Francis and Beth came to help Roy and Lea out in July of 1999 when both Roy and Lea's heath started to take a turn. "We sure are glad they were able to spend some time camping and being together the last 5 years of Lea's life. That is what real retirement is all about!"

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Office hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday
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