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Underwater Recovery

No job is too tough for Eastgate Towing. Even if your vehicle is submerged in 4 feet of water!



Francis was certified in October 2004, by Bill Donavan, a Scuba School International (SSI) Instructor Trainer (IT), at Donovan's Hobby and Scuba Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Francis has logged over 425 dives since 2004 and is certified in open water, dry suit diving, nitrox gas, stress and rescue, ice diving (closed water), fast water training, and will soon have his Dive Control Specialist Certification. For the past four years, Francis has been an active member of the Emergency Management Dive Team, formerly known as the Minnehaha County Civil Defense. Francis was interviewed and accepted to the dive team on October 11, 2007. Each year, Francis is involved in setting up rescue training scenario's for the Emergency Management Dive Team and the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue at an area gravel pit. These drill's are held as a joint training session for the Emergency Management System Teams in Minnehaha County, so each team can utilize their resources to the best of their ability in an emergency situation. The first drill, which was held June 2007, was covered by two of the local news teams (KELO-TV, KSFY-TV) and the Argus Leader.

4/21/2006 Francis recovered a stolen car that was submerged at Lake Alvin.

Francis' passion of diving has lead him to branch out and explore vehicle recovery through his business. This has lead him to many vehicles in area lakes, rivers, and quarries. He takes on each and every challenge to the fullest. He, indeed, loves his work.
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