Eastgate Towing 2904 E. Rice Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
Phone: 605-334-3160
Fax: 605-334-6356
"Our Hookers Are Legal!"
About Us

Eastgate Towing is a Professional Towing Provider in Sioux Falls, SD that has a 24 hr service.  AND great response time!!  
We have TRAA Nationally Certified Tow Truck operators on staff.  

Eastgate Towing has served the Sioux Falls, SD area for more than 40 years.  
Roy and Lea McElroy owned and operated Eastgate for over 25 years before their retirement in 1999.  Both Roy and Lea made a huge impact on the towing industry both Locally and Nationally in their towing career.   They started the towing business with 1 tow truck.  Their business grew tow where they had both light and heavy duty wreckers by the late 70's.  The truck that they cherished the most was a 1973 Mack with a Nomar.  Lea drove that truck out to scene's and break down's in her pajamas's.  If it needed to be done, she did it.  No matter what.  The Eastgate family lost Lea to cancer in 2004.  If you look at Eastgate's roots, they have both Roy and Lea's name all over them!!!  Francis and Beth came to help Roy and Lea out in July of 1999 when both Roy and Lea's heath started to take a turn.  
"We sure are glad they were able to spend some time camping and being together the last 5 years of Lea's life.  That is what real retirement is all about!"         

Eastgate Towing was established in the 1960's.

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